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Entered Viper in a Road Rally

This past Saturday I entered the Viper in a Road Rally here in Iowa and dang was it a blast.  We cruised the backroads of farm country for about 7 hours.  Seeing the looks on peoples faces when all these hot cars blasted through their neighborhood was priceless.  

There were all kinds of cars entered, from pedestrian sedans to Evo's to BMW's to Vette's to Ferrari's and even a Mosler MT900 made an appearance.  The Molser, IMO, stole the show.  I'm used to people tripping over themselves to get a look at the Viper, but that reaction is magnified with the Mosler.  It truly is a supercar and around here, that is very rare.  If you've never heard of the Mosler (as I never had) do some googling and read up on these rare machines.  Pics of the Rally below.

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