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Mopar Show in Johnston, IA

Well, I had high hopes for this one.  My dad and I were going to take the Viper out to this show and meet possibly three or four other Vipers there.  Instead, the weather decided not to cooperate and rained till about 10:30 in the morning and the roads didn't dry till later in the afternoon so the show was a bit of a washout.  I went ahead and checked it out in the late afternoon to see what cars had braved the dirty roads.  I only took pictures of one car out there, a blue and white Generation II Viper.  I know this color combo is rare in the RT-10, but I'm not sure the paint was factory on this so who knows if this is one the rare ones.

The rest of the cars there just didn't jump out at me.  There were a couple nice Challengers but the show was dominated by PT Cruisers!??!  I know, right?  The paint jobs were nice on them but they are PT CRUISERS!!  Anyway, enjoy the pics below of the nice Viper.

Nice blue with white stripes viper rt-10 1 Nice blue with white stripes viper rt-10 2 Nice blue with white stripes viper rt-10 3 Nice blue with white stripes viper rt-10 4